PACKAGE 1 - £1150

All options provide a good basis to start from, giving you the choice of whether to have an Album or not. This package includes:

CONSULTATION: We will discuss your ideas and how you might like the day to run. This usually takes place at the wedding venue (location dependant), which gives a chance to reece the venue together.

THE WEDDING: A full day’s coverage at the wedding – no time limits! I will cover the preparations, the wedding itself and the reception as you wish.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Rather than flood you with a 1,000 photographs (this is about the number I tend to take on the day), I like to choose ‘the best of the best’. I will send you 300 low resolution (for browsing) and high resolution (for large prints) carefully selected photographs.

ONLINE: I will load the low resolution photographs onto an online gallery so that your family and friends can enjoy them and, if they like, download them for free.


PACKAGE 2 - £1650

Having two photographers broadens the spectrum of coverage that I am able to achieve at a wedding. I use another very experienced photographer who will ‘go off the beaten track’ and capture things that you might not have otherwise seen. This package includes:

MORE CHOICE: The same as the Package 1, except I will choose 450 photographs instead of 300.

EXTRA PHOTOGRAPHER: The use of an additional photographer for up to eight hours.


PACKAGE 3 - £3650

I find that video is often the most important aspect for couples. The videographers work in perfect sync with myself providing supreme coverage throughout the day with film & stills. This package includes:

VIDEO: Along with Package 1, two experienced videographers will film the entire day & edit a bespoke 15-20 minute wedding film. 



The unique set-up is fun and allows for large groups. Photos are displayed on a screen while taken, then uploaded to a web link for all your guests to download.